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CAMS cause list for February 2020

No.DateCase No.File No.VenueRemarkParties
112/02/2020 01(f)-39-12/2016 (Q) CS/KCH/001(FC)/7-2016 Federal Court Putrajaya Hearing
(Federal Court Putrajaya) 
Chong Chieng Jen vs Government of State of Sarawak & anor 
212/02/2020 08(RS)-20-12/2018(Q) CS/KCH/003(FC)/1-2018 Court of Appeal Putrajaya Federal Court - Hearing
(By e-mail) 
Chong Chieng Jen vs Government of State of Sarawak & anor 
319/02/2020 Q-01(NCvC)(W)-342-09/2017 CS/BTU/006(COA)/9-2017 Court of Appeal Kuching Federal Court - Hearing
(Federal Court Kuching) 
Ketupong Anak Lunsa & 4 Ors vs Sarawak Planted Forest Sdn Bhd & 6 Ors 
419/02/2020 Q-01(A)-228-06/2016 ARB/MYY/002/ARB_APPEAL_COA/4-2016 Court of Appeal Kuching Hearing
(Court of Appeal Kuching) 
Mustapha Bin Salleh & 3 Ors vs Superintendent of Lands & Surveys 
519/02/2020 Q-01(NCVC)(W)-361-06/2018 CS/SAM/003(COA)/6-2018 Court of Appeal Kuching COA-Trial
(Court of Appeal Kuching) 
Pawzi bin Sakup & 13 Ors vs FELCRA BERHAD & 4 Ors 
620/02/2020 Q-01(NCvC)(W)-406-06/2018 CS/SER/001(COA)/7-2018 Court of Appeal Kuching Hearing
(By e-mail) 
Enju anak Medang & 4 Ors vs Usaha Jasamaju Sdn Bhd & 2 Ors 
720/02/2020 Q-01(NCvC)(W)-21-01/2019 CS/BTU/001(COA)/1-2019 Court of Appeal Kuching COA - Case Management
(Court of Appeal Kuching) 
Gima anak Limban & 2 Ors vs The State Government of Sarawak & 4 Ors